Problems with Your Cat’s Litter Box

Cats are most stereotyped as “the independent pet.” Despite these accusations, they are actually very affectionate pets that need attention just as much as dogs. They are very particular when it comes to the use of their litter box. Tidiness, placement, and even the size of their litter box can all be factors in deterring them away from using their litter pan. If you notice your Feline Friend not utilizing the litter box for his or her bathroom needs, this may serve as an indication of something being “wrong” with the litter box, or that there is an underlying medical condition.

Before we put your thoughts to worry, you should focus on the litter box itself. Have you changed the placement, the brand of litter, or the box itself recently? Here are some factors that can cause your cat to be repelled by their box:

• Cramped litter box
• Unclean (scoop daily to keep your cat happy)
• Too few litter boxes to accommodate all the cats in the household
• A change in litter brand
• Scented Litter
• Litter box liners
• Covered litter pan
• Stressors like moving or adding another cat to the household

Medical Conditions
If you went over the above list and find that none of these changes have occurred to make your pet stop using his or her litter box, then your next step is to take your cat to your veterinarian to check for any medical problems. When your cat is suffering from a medical condition he or she may not be able to “make it” to the litter pan in time. Some conditions that are commonly associated with accidents outside the litter box include:
• Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). This type of infection is easy to spot on your cat. You will notice him or her frequently entering the litter box, but producing little to no urine. **Male cats’ urethras can actually become, blocked preventing urination. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY – it can prove fatal within 24 hours if immediate treatment is not received.
• Bladder Stones are another urinary condition that will cause your cat to enter the litter box quite frequently. Cries of pain are usually associated with this blockage.
• Feline interstitial cystitis is a neurological disease that causes your cat’s bladder to become inflamed. Cats will attempt to urinate habitually with no success of relief.
• Diabetes
• Kidney Disease

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